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Our New Plan

As you know, CCfB is in a season of change. In many ways, this year has been our puberty. We’re growing up. It’s been painful, confusing, and sometimes ugly… but that’s the nature of growth, isn’t it? After surveys, email conversations, brainstorming, and many productive conversations, we now present our plan for the future of Christ’s Church for Brooklyn.

The Big Picture:

Starting in June, CCfB will meet at least twice per month as a house church. These meetings will not be on Sunday morning, however. This gives those of us who need (to paraphrase Jenny B) church with a capital “C” the opportunity to worship with congregations that have the resources to provide things CCfB cannot. This also give our families with small children the ability to take their kids to churches where they get organized classes, socialization, etc.

At least one of our monthly meetings will be “regular,” meaning that it will happen on the same day of every month (eg. the first Saturday morning of each month). This regularly scheduled meeting will be a brunch break at someone’s home.

The second meeting will be fluid, meeting at a different place/time depending on the purpose of the meeting. (for example, the timing of a service project might be less fluid since it might be in corporation with another organization, while a Bible study can happen whenever interested people are available.)

The Execution:

CCfB folks will all sign up to be the “logistics coordinator” of a one of the rotating meetings. Since rotating meetings only happen (approximately) once per month, each of us should only have to be a logistics coordinator once a year. The logistics coordinator will only be responsible for securing a location for our meeting (someone’s house, restaurant, bar, park, etc) and finding what day/time works best for everyone. The content of the meeting will be planned by the existing leadership team (and anyone else who volunteers to come on board or has an idea for a meeting, discussion, study, service project, etc.)

Our rotating meetings will be a combination of service projects, discussions, Bible studies, worship, Eucharist (Lord’s Supper), worship, prayer time, meals, etc. If we build a study, discussion, or project that we want to continue for a while, there’s no reason we can’t have an “every [insert day of the week] night” event for a month, or two months, or however long we want it to be!

The Transition:

This new structure will officially begin on June 1.

In order to ease the transition into our new structure, May will be a “hybrid” month. We well meet as usual in the cafeteria at PS 261 on May 2, 16, and 30. The Sundays that we don’t meet together (May 9 and 23) will be go visit Sundays. Go visit Sundays give each of us the chance to check out new churches before CCfB’s new “no Sunday schedule” officially goes into effect.

Before each go visit Sunday, CCfBers who are visiting another congregation will let everyone know where they’re going and invite folks to visit with them. That way, we don’t have to explore new churches alone. Likewise, when we come back together after a go visit Sunday, people who visited new churches will report back on where the went, how they liked it, etc.

So… that’s the plan. If you have any questions, want to give some feedback, or have ideas for how this plan can be done even better post a comment and let us know what you think!


The Learning Curve of Community

Like the Island of Misfit Toys, we are quirky… but we are complete.

Last Sunday, Jen Thweatt-Bates challenged us that when God comes to us, He does not require that we negate who we are.  While there are images of rebirth, metaphors of the old man becoming new, and promises of a “new creation” throughout scripture, we must never mistake that Christ in any way seeks to change us because of a fatal flaw he’s recently found in his creation.

In fact, it’s probably even accurate to say that Christ doesn’t make us a “new” creation as much as he makes us a “complete” creation – a fuller, richer, more complete version of who we already were.

What does that mean for our community at CCfB?  It means that just as Christ loves us as we were created, so we love each other.  It means we understand that acceptance does not always mean agreement.  It means we welcome diversity because diversity breeds growth. It means we require no person to deny or negate their history, their identity, or their traditions in order to be a part of our community.

This Sunday Jennie will lead us in a discussion about where we’ve come from – both as individuals and as a church – and how that will/should guide where Christ’s Church for Brooklyn is headed in the year(s) to come.

Jennie is preparing for this Sunday, and you should be too.  Come to church ready to not only share some of your history, but also help define the future identity of Christ’s Church for Brooklyn.


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